October Ten Years of My Life | My favorite shots

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Tulips My favorite flowers in my favorite colors.

First sign of spring

First sign of spring When my enormous bleach white feet make an appearance in the grass, you know it’s finally springtime.

Dr. Hurty and Dye

Dr. Hurty and Dye I had a doctor by the name of Payne growing up. Nice guy, but unfortunate name. When I saw a single board with both a Dr. Hurty and someone in a hospital named Dye, I had to take a shot. Sometimes, doctors should be like actors and change their birth names […]


Birds The swallows have been flying around like crazy lately, and after they checked out the birdhouse a few times, one of them finally popped into it.

Still growing

Still growing Kay, looking like she’s going to explode soon.


Weathered An old weathered building in Austin, Texas. I liked the textures.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden I tend to visit the Japanese Gardens found in most major cities. It’s a nice baseline, and a way to get away from the hubub. This is the one in San Diego, which is only a few years old.


Nicolas My cousin Nick, hanging tough with his bumblebee “tattoo”. Seeing Nick grow up always makes me feel old, since I was about his age when he was born, and I still recall being at his home birth. Soon, he’ll be driving and it blows my mind.

Pink Orchid

Orchids Orchids amaze me in their diversity and specialization.


Colors The variety of orchid coloration is also something worth noting.