October Ten Years of My Life | My favorite shots

Month: December 2017

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden I tend to visit the Japanese Gardens found in most major cities. It’s a nice baseline, and a way to get away from the hubub. This is the one in San Diego, which is only a few years old.


Nicolas My cousin Nick, hanging tough with his bumblebee “tattoo”. Seeing Nick grow up always makes me feel old, since I was about his age when he was born, and I still recall being at his home birth. Soon, he’ll be driving and it blows my mind.

Pink Orchid

Orchids Orchids amaze me in their diversity and specialization.


Colors The variety of orchid coloration is also something worth noting.


Evolution The ways in which orchids differentiate is amazing. I’m guessing this flower collects dew high in humid treetops in order to survive.